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We provide a wide range of services that can cater to all your need in accounting and book keeping needs.

The various services we offer are:

VAT Services

It is necessary to elaborate on the intricacies of the VAT and underscore its user- friendly qualities. Not only is it a prerequisite for businesses to flourish by offering them state of the art infrastructures and facilities but has a direct positive impact on lifestyle and efficiency which the government uses to by harnessing this revenue stream. More vital, VAT allows the government to be more liberal and reduce indirect earnings like licence fees and tariffs. What Accounts Dubai is best at is addressing the procedures and the paperwork and ensuring that compliance is one hundred per cent.

VAT Training

Accounts Dubai has the capability of offering VAT training at all levels thereby giving you a sound foundation within the company. We can explain the intricacies and give the overview as well as details so no misunderstandings or confusion enters the equation.

VAT Registration
& VAT filing

Accounts Dubai assures you it will make the VAT registration process seamless and eliminate any discrepancies that might otherwise lead to unnecessary penalties for non-compliance. Your company will be legal and compliant. Our taxation A team has the wherewithal to offer VAT impact assessment and restructure your business for maximum tax-efficiency.

VAT Documentation filing

At Accounts Dubai, we are totally committed to ensuring the most expeditious tax filings and giving you the advantage of all tax break. We will help and guide you in preparing all the documents required for VAT filing as per FTA demands.

Auditing Services

At Accounts Dubai, we always confer with the client to fully understand and appreciate the nuances of the business engaged in. This detailed exercise helps us to give you precise auditing solutions. We can harness the past and the present to project reasonable and valid scenarios for the future so it keeps you a step ahead of the competition. We offer both External and Internal Audits to ensure that you satisfy all financial, regulatory and corporate responsibility regarding your business. For optimum results, we study all related records and procedures and evaluate potential business threats and prospects to deliver you expert audit reports and other supporting financial statements.

Book-Keeping Services

Accounts Dubai has registered through its experience in the financial world that small businesses need guidance and signposting to ensure they do well and become profitable. For them, we are the perfect solution. Outsource accounting services in Dubai for a convenient bookkeeping solution and save the bottom line. This holds true for big houses and startups. You get the best armed with the most up to date technology and programming which includes well-known software programs like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Tally and other popular accounting applications.

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